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The Journey Collection provides people protection for their essentials by keeping them locked in, while also protecting kids and pets by keeping them locked out. Available in three sizes, the Journey Collection is sleek and discreet, featuring a hard-shell design with smell proof materials. The premium construction ensures durability of the Journey Collection cases and are further backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The Journey Medium and XL Cases have adjustable dividers, zipper pockets and a combination lock to ensure security. The Journey Small Case’s compact size will fit in your pocket, ideal for on-the-go.

Calm + Covered

Caynga cases are designed with the user in mind. Discretion and protection are key features to our products, with an emphasis on odor control and improved organization. No more smells leaking from your goods. We only use the highest quality materials for our designs.




The hardshell design keeps your essentials safe and secure. The built-in lock on Medium and XL provides added security to keep your items in – and keep others out.


Keep curious eyes away from your precious goods. The Journey cases blend right in with their surroundings - nothing flashy or gaudy.

Premium Construction

We carefully selected the materials to ensure you get a long-lasting product. Our confidence in our cases is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Blocks Odors

The odor-blocking features are integrated throughout the case; no more answering the question, “What’s that smell?”

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