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About Caynga

Learn more about who we are as a company.

Caynga is dedicated to improving user experience through the innovation of solution-based products.

Caynga cases are designed to discreetly keep your products safe and secure. Our name comes from kangaroo, the most protective pouches you’ll find in the natural world.

We know that for those who choose our products, discretion and security are critical. Our customers are hardworking and responsible; we’re here to help them have peace of mind.


It all started with a personal experience. As one of our founders made his way home from a shop, he realized he had no convenient place to store his goods. He worried his family would smell the product or stumble upon it if he left it in the wrong spot. While he eventually settled on leaving his product in a golf bag in the back of his car, he realized there must be a better way. Our founders understand the fact that this is a common problem for people with families. So they began to work on the Caynga case, taking the highest quality materials and carefully testing them to devise the best answer.

Why Caynga
is different.


We are driven to make solution-based products. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and are focused on improving their experience. We look for answers in the small details, and design to improve the bigger picture. Our products are a reflection of our core values: consideration, integrity, and responsibility.

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